First things first, if you’re reading this – thank you. I’m always humbled that people are interested in my photography, I never take that for granted. When you book a wedding photographer, you want to know that you are going to get amazing photos that you will revisit time and time again. Well, you’ve found the right photographer for the job!

Shooting wedding portraits is my favourite thing to do, that’s where I can really showcase my skillset and work with you to create imaginative and memorable photos. Documenting the whole wedding is fun too, capturing genuine emotion as the events unfold is truly humbling and it never gets old.

When I’m not working on my photography I drink way too much coffee (I may need an intervention soon) and I scour Amazon to find new gadgets and lenses to experiment with.

Enough about me, get in touch and tell me about you and how I can help you capture amazing memories.